My main offer is a 3-8 minute, emotional clip, which serves as a reminder for all friends and family members. The Wedding Clips are high-quality, aesthetically demanding films that tell their own authentic story. There are no stencils, but each film is individually tailored to the couple and the overall situation. For these clips, I team up with reliable staff and perfectly tuned technique. It’s a matter of course that we behave cautiously and are always close at hand.


As a wedding clip makes a strong selection of the events, we always create a longer family version. Here, original tones are integrated and the day is told purely chronologically. This version is particularly valuable for close family members who want to get back into the day and have fun with details that are quickly lost in the memory. A family version has an average duration of 15min.


Each film has its own unique technical choices. From modern drone technology, camera cranes or lightest super-8-film cameras, the technology serves the look of the film and respects the smooth running of the event.


Information on prices and duration of work depends on the particular event and the individual wishes of the couple. Please contact me at any time via

  • Arri Lights
    Arri Lights
  • Camera crane
    Camera crane
  • Retro Family Camcorder
    Retro Family Camcorder
  • Retro Cam Super 8
    Retro Cam Super 8
  • Arri Alexa
    Arri Alexa
  • Camera Slighter
    Camera Slighter
  • Retro 16mm Camera
    Retro 16mm Camera
  • Retro Family Camcorder
    Retro Family Camcorder
  • Retro Cam
    Retro Cam
  • Easy Steadystick
    Easy Steadystick
  • Easy slighter
    Easy slighter
  • Retro Cam
    Retro Cam
  • Film Lights
    Film Lights
  • retro set lighting
    retro set lighting
  • Drone